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«vision. performance. spirit».


Nathalie Gervais brings together rigorous analysis and oustanding creativity.

Backed by an over 25 years’ experience in creative direction,
Nathalie Gervais offers
made-to-measure solutions and results
to new and existing brands.


Expertise and services:


1. On elaborating + advising on brand strategies:

grasp the brand’s heritage + functioning

articulate a compelling narrative

inspire its people

develop assets for sustainable success


2. On state of affairs + brainstorming:

listen to current customers

identify the actual, potential and future customers’ profile

cross the fundamentals with her knowledge of trends,
markets and competition.

3. On trends, concepts + products:

analyse and and study socio-cultural, economic and lifestyles which leads to forecasting major trends

develop new concepts in compliance with the brand’s identity

create visionary + coherent product lines.


4. On communication + packaging:

create a new language in communication

create tools to engage with the customers

advise on social media strategies

advise on publicity events + trade fairs

create a distinctive iconographic signature

develop distinctive 2D and 3D packagings

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